The Faculty Members

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Josh Bishop
Josh Bishop

Management Advisor

I enjoy working with students and staff to ensure that they are reaching their full potential and are equipped with the skills they will need in the future.
** 26 years of experience
** Ed.D (ABD), Masters of School Administration, BS – Elementary Education

Wendy Woodhurst


I love my job as the principal at SIS. Anytime I need to remind myself about why I went into education 30 years ago, I walk into any of our classrooms; from EC to grade 12. Seeing our tremendous students engaged in learning with our talented teachers guiding them is the highlight of each day.
** 30+ years in education ++Bachelor of Education
** Masters Degree in Curriculum and Leadership

Linus Beni

Grade 5

I consider myself more of a facilitator of learning than a teacher. I guide students in learning for themselves. Over the years, I have built strong relationships with pupils.
** 20 years experience in 4 different continents teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade
** BA in Elementary Education

Rodney Hill

Grade 4

I am a dedicated and motivated international educator committed to the social and academic development of every student. As a life-long learner myself, helping students to develop a love of learning is a goal in my classroom.
** 12 years teaching grades 3 and 4
** AS-Life Science, BA-Liberal Studies with a special field in Life Science, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction: Digital Learning and Teaching Concentration

Jessica Crowe

Grade 3

I am excited to join the diverse learning community here at SIS. My students are my greatest teachers and I love learning and experiencing a sense of wonder about the world alongside them. I hope to inspire them as much as they inspire me!
** 17 + years of teaching across subjects and grade levels. B.A in Cultural Studies; Certified in Elementary

Rebecca Sayers

Grade 2

I am excited to have joined the SIS community this year, along with my husband and daughter. I have been privileged to work in the field of international education since 2007, primarily teaching students from Kindergarten-Grade 3. My goal as an educator is to help students learn about the world around them and to become global citizens who have empathy and who challenge themselves to help others.

Jeni Parker

Grade 1

I am passionate about supporting children’s development socially, emotionally, and intellectually along with cultivating a love of learning through creative pathways and engaging environments. I enjoy continuing to learn along with my students.
** 10 years teaching experience** Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Masters in Advance Teaching coming soon!

Valerie Yielding


I am a Georgia Bulldog, globe trotter, devoted yogi, and language lover. For over twenty years, I have served in schools as a speech language pathologist, an ELL teacher, and English teacher to students across all levels. I believe the best gift I can offer my children, at home and school, is language. My teaching aim is to grow globally-minded students with an emphasis on inclusivity, mindfulness, and kindness. When I am not teaching, you can find me walking and talking with friends spanning across the globe, practicing yoga, and swimming in any body of water I can find including cenotes.
** 22 years of experience as an educator
*** Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership, Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Sciences, and Disorders

Sherly Pakpahan
Sherly Pakpahan

EC 4

As an early childhood enthusiast, I am honored and grateful to be part of SIS. Facilitating the children's needs each day is challenging yet exciting for me to prepare. Collaborating and sharing with teachers and teaching assistants are two important things I need to ensure in order to support the children’s learning. Observing the children playing, exploring, and even arguing to solve their problems, is an enjoyable profession for me to do. SIS is an impeccable environment for the students to grow as global citizens.
* 7 years in Early Childhood Education
** Bachelor in English Education

Ika Hesanova
Ika Hesanova

EC 2

I am a passionate early childhood educator with 20 years of experience in teaching 2-year-old children. I have a background in the Japanese language, a bachelor's degree, and an Indonesia Tiered Training for Early Childhood Educator Certification. This profession requires total dedication, devotion, and loving commitment. My educational philosophy is to create a learning environment that is fun and exciting. I don’t have a job, I have a gift, and each day I thank God I can be an early childhood educator and be a part of the lives of my students.

Retno Indrasari
Retno Indrasari (Sari)


Teaching is my passion. I love seeing students eyes light up when they learn something new or when they succeed in solving a problem. With the ever changing developments in technology, there are a lot of opportunities for this to happen. With more than 20 years of experience in teaching, I’ve seen a lot of development in how we use technology in education. I have a Master's Degree in Education. I also have a certificate in Business and Technology, as well as a certificate in Robotics. Since our school is a PYP school since 2013, I’ve also been trained in the IB PYP.

Ria Luciana Hanifah
Ria Luciana Hanifah (Luci)

ES Bahasa Indonesia

I have a great deal of experience teaching Indonesian. I have 24 years experience in international schools and 9 years at SIS. I have experience in both IGCSE and IB. I have a Bachelor's degree in Education, and have participated in Professional Development Courses on ‘Creative Approaches to Teaching and Learning’ and ‘Facilitating Learning through Effective Classroom Management’. Right now, I’m taking the Elementary Teacher Education program. As a committed teacher, I am flexible in my approach and able to adapt my teaching to address individual student’s learning styles. I have taught across ages and ability ranges. I have also previously held positions as an Art and ICT teacher from Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Dhian Srinilo
Dhian Srinilo

ES Art

I am an elementary Art teacher where I teach students ranging from EC2 until grade 5. I received a Masters of Education in 2007, and a category 3 IB-PYP certificate. I started teaching in 1991 and joined SIS in 2000. Being an Art teacher is the best job in the world! It is very rewarding to see my students create new things. In my class, I am always looking for students who are trying new things, and most importantly, to see them trying their best!

Zhou Ju
Zhou Ju

ES Mandarin

It always gives me pleasure and pride to teach and grow with my students!
*** 13 years of teaching experience(all grade levels) and bachelor of Chinese language and literature


PE Swimming

As a little boy, I was always exercising. I did many sports including swimming. I have a passion for swimming and seeing children grow in their swimming development. I have a bachelor's degree with a sports major. Prior to SIS, I taught sports at SMA1 Tulungagung and coached at HIU swim club in Surabaya. Additionally, I have attended swimming coaching clinics both in Indonesia and abroad. I also have a master's degree.

Ruchi Awan Sari

EC 1 Teacher

I am an enthusiastic early childhood teacher with a deep passion for nurturing young minds. I am thrilled to be a part of early childhood learners' lives, guiding them as they explore new experiences and embark on their educational journey.

I believe in the power of play and laughter to stimulate learning, and I strive to create a safe, loving environment where children feel cherished and excited to come to school. Watching them achieve developmental milestones and grow in confidence is immensely rewarding. My goal is to foster a love for learning, making school a place they eagerly look forward to every day.

** 16 years of teaching early childhood from age 18months- 3 years old. B.A of English Literature , Certified in Early Childhood Education

Hana Santosa

EC 3 Teacher

As an educator dedicated to early childhood development, I find immense joy in witnessing the remarkable growth and transformation of my students throughout the year. I firmly believe that early childhood is the critical foundation upon which creative and empowered individuals are built.

I am honored to be a part of SIS, a school that not only allows children to embrace their authentic selves but also provides abundant opportunities for exploration and curiosity. At SIS, we cultivate an environment that nurtures empathy and fosters a deep connection with the world around them.

George Santiago
George Santiago
  • Activities and Athletics Director
  • Head of Science Department
  • AP Math & Physics

I am passionate about learning and teaching allows me to continue learning with the students. I enjoy helping students understand the beauty of Mathematics and the wonders of Physics.
** 26 years of experience
** PhD in Educational Management, MA in Organization and Leadership, MS in Mathematics, MA in Mathematics Education, BS in Physics-Mathematics

Feras Issa

MS & HS Science

I am passionate about teaching chemistry and sciences, and I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the UK, and a Master of Education (MEd) in Advanced Teaching. With 18 years of experience teaching chemistry and science under both American and British curricula, I am dedicated to inspiring and educating future generations in the field of science.

Andrea Leadbetter
Andrea Leadbetter
  • Drama
  • MS English

It is inspiring to consistently experience the creative and critical thinking of students in the Theatre and English classes here at SIS. I really enjoy sharing the learning process with students and watching the journey undertaken in these subject areas.
“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”– Dieter F. Uchtdorf.
** 20+ years of teaching experience
** Bachelor of Education – Drama and English

Jamaica Denise

MS & HS Social Studies Teacher

Empowering students to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible citizens for almost 10 years. My teaching journey began in the Philippines, then continued in Malaysia, and now I am thrilled to be here in Indonesia. I hold a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a major in Social Studies and I am currently pursuing my master's thesis. 

Jing Li
Jing Li

MS & HS Mandarin

Education is about growth and sharing, it always brings me joy and fulfillment.
** 12 years teaching experience with a bachelor's degree in Chinese language and culture

Jonathan Ott
Jonathan Ott

MS Humanities

I am excited to be able to join the SIS community this year, along with my wife and daughter. While I have experience teaching a variety of subjects to students of various ages, I am especially passionate about working with middle school students. I view the teacher’s role as a facilitator of learning, and frequently incorporate inquiry-based and project-based learning approaches. As a Humanities teacher, my goal is to support students as they develop and apply various English and Social Studies related skills, with a focus on integrating these subject areas whenever possible.

Lolita Mattos
Lolita Mattos

MS & HS Mathematics

With over 30 years of experience teaching mathematics, it is still a thrill when the “lightbulb” goes on when teaching a new concept. This is especially true for middle school. Once they are hooked, students soon realize that all things are possible when it is connected with a love of mathematics. This will forever be a true never-ending story.
30+ years experience (13 International), Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, Masters Degree in Education

O’Keefe Charles
O’Keefe Charles


As a Computer Science and ICT teacher, I have developed a passion for all things digital. I try to transmit that level of passion to the students that I teach by introducing them to various aspects of Computer Science. I think learning Computer Science is essential for all students so that they can develop 21st-century skills.
** 24 years of experience
** Masters Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS-UK)

Paul Crowe

MS & HS Biology

I am privileged to be part of a learning community. I value diversity, relationships, creativity and curiosity. As a science and robotics teacher, I enjoy providing authentic and engaging learning experiences for students. I also enjoy interacting with students and colleagues in a variety of other contexts including sports, music and theatre.
** 15 years experience
** Bachelors in Biology
** Masters in Education Administration

Rochelle Santiago
Rochelle Santiago
  • MS & HS Mathematics
  • EARCOS Coordinator

With at least 13 years of experience in educating IB Diploma candidate students and at least 20 years in Education, I always love to see my students able to apply concepts they learned in the classrooms to real-life situations. I believe that learning mathematics is never linear. Problem-based learning is incorporated in some, if not in most, of my classes. My degrees Mathematics Teaching and Biology have always made me interested in exploring the applications of Mathematics in the Sciences and in research.

Scott Yielding

MS & HS English

In twenty plus years as an educator, I have had the good fortune to work and learn from many great people from around the world. For myself and my students, I aim to emphasize personal accountablity, attention to detail, and an infinite hunger to learn. It is most gratifying to see a strong work ethic and a competitive spirit culminate with achieved goals by an individual and/or the team.

Dewi Soetanto

MS & HS Arts

It brings pleasure and joy to help secondary art students to grow and develop their art skills and creativity. Watching them enjoy the activities and learning with them make my days colorful since I joined SIS for more than 33+ years. With a Master Degree in Education and a certificate in Fine Art Academy, I am a Secondary Art Teacher at SIS.

Kentjana Putra

MS & HS French

I have been teaching French for 28 years now. Having previously lived in France for more than 7 years where I studied French at university, the French culture and language really fascinated me. I want to give students the opportunity to learn this beautiful language so that they may one day experience what I did many years ago. I have a bachelor’s degree in French.

Pipit Andriani
Pipit Andriani

MS & HS Bhs Indonesia, International Relations

Teaching is my joie de vivre. I have an ever-optimistic faith in future generations to solve the issues we cannot solve today. My contribution to that end is by teaching students independence, confidence, and critical thinking, the skills they need to explore the future where maps need to be drawn, not followed.
Qualifications: 13 years of teaching. Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Literature and Masters in International Law

Rachmad Priyadi
Rachmad Priyadi

Rachmad Priyadi

Music is a universal language. It’s an honor to be able to transmit and inspire music to young people. Every year, I am very proud and lucky to be able to witness the birth of young musicians in this school. Music is to the soul, what words are to the mind. I have been teaching music for more than 30 years. I have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education.


EC-12 PE

Sports is my passion. I love learning about sports development and sharing my insights with my students. I have been at SIS for 26 years teaching PE. I enjoy having new experiences and am amazed by my curious students.
I have 35 years of experience teaching PE, and I have a bachelor’s degree in sports and a Masters in Education.

Wahyu Kurniasih
Wahyu Kurniasih


Civics is loaded with moral values that are important to be instilled and implemented in everyday life to be a guide for thinking, acting, and behaving. There is not a single activity of human life that is separated from the rules of values and morals. The moral values that I want to inculcate in Civics subjects are moral values that are in accordance with Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. That’s why I like teaching Civics. 20 years of teaching experience and I have a Bachelor of Education (Pancasila and Citizenship Education).

Yaśodā Deva
Yaśodā Deva

Learning Specialist

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, my husband, 2 daughters and I have lived in China, India and Egypt. We’re now excited to join the SIS community and call Indonesia home. As an educator, I’m passionate about advocating for our students’ individual needs and providing a safe space for them to learn.
*18+ years experience in international teaching (mostly at IB schools)
** BA (Hons) in Business Management, M.Ed. in International Teaching, and M.Sc. in High-Incidence Special Education
*** Klingenstein Fellow & Ontario International School Leadership Certification


Pamela Caberte

ELL Specialist

The most exciting part of my job is to see students grow and develop their English language skills while being immersed in our SIS learning environment. Teaching at SIS affords me with opportunities to not just engage and learn with students, but to also support families in our students’ learning journeys and to work with colleagues in a collaborative environment.  With 20+ years in the field of education in the Philippines and Indonesia, I am committed to helping students achieve their personal and academic goals.
* 20+ years in Education
** BA European Languages, Grad.Diploma in Language and Literacy Education, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction Leadership
*** Certifications in ESL, Preschool Teaching and Secondary English

Anindita (Dita)
  • Learning Support
  • MS+HS Bahasa

I love SIS and have been teaching here for 13 years, growing and learning together with the community. I started my career as a classroom teacher assistant and now I am teaching Bahasa Indonesia, while also being a part of the learning support team.
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Certified Early Childhood Teacher, Certified Bahasa Indonesia Teacher for Foreign Students and currently completing my studies in the Bahasa Indonesia Program

Rakhma Wizati Puteri
Rakhma Wizati Puteri (Puput)
  • School Counselor
  • AP Coordinator

Students well-being has always been my main focus when working in schools. It’s not only that they have to be comfortable with the school environment, but they also have to be aware of themselves, have empathy for other people, and be able to express their feelings and emotions in healthy ways. That’s where my role as a school counselor comes in. 

*8 years as a school counselor
**Master in Educational and Developmental Psychology