Elementary Extra: Music

Rhythmic Adventures: Kindergarten and First Grade Dive into Music Elements Online

2021 is well under way. The beginning of the third quarter has elementary school students busy with their music classes during online learning. They continue to develop their singing skills, movement to music, and learn to play instruments even though we are online.

Kindergarten and first grade students are learning about the elements of music such as rhythm, tone, color, form and melody through singing and moving. They also start learning how to write notes on the musical staff during synchronized classes.

The second and third graders are eager to start learning the basic fingering needed to play the recorder. Students are very enthusiastic to learn this instrument. The recorder is from the family of woodwind musical instruments in the group known as internal duct flutesflutes with a whistle mouthpiece, also known as fipple flutes.

The fourth graders begin the year 2021 by making a virtual band. Each student choose what instruments they wanted to play during this class. They will play some music virtually. The teacher directs and guides them to make this band happen. They are eager to learn new things in this class.

Digital Compositions: Grade 5 Students Dive into Garage Band for Exhibition Planning

After composing songs with loops and smart instrument apps from “Garage Band”, grade 5 students are busy with singing and planning for their exhibition project. We are discussing what they need and want to do for their exhibition. Each student has their own idea for their exhibition. Each student has their own ideas to propose. Again, the teacher will direct and guide them to make this project a reality. Let us wait for what the fifth graders will share.