Surabaya Intercultural School offers an academically rigorous curriculum within a dynamic learning community where students are engaged, enlightened, and empowered to be creative and collaborative global leaders.


SIS prepares students to be Balanced Individuals, Enlightened Thinkers, Engaged Communicators, & Empowered Global Citizens

Balanced Individuals
Balanced Individuals
Balanced Individuals who
  • set, achieve, and evaluate goals.
  • are responsible for their own learning.
  • persevere in the face of obstacles.
  • make ethical choices based upon evidence.
  • manage personal resources and commitments effectively.
  • recognize the importance of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.
Enlightened Thinkers
Enlightened Thinkers
Enlightened Thinkers who
  • access and process information using appropriate technology and media.
  • demonstrate flexibility, creativity, critical thinking skills, and innovation.
  • transfer learning to a variety of situations.
  • seek information through effective questioning.
  • develop a growth mindset.
  • reflect upon their own learning.
Engaged Communicators
Engaged Communicators
Engaged Communicators
  • use technology appropriately to convey learning.
  • use effective leadership or team skills within groups.
  • articulate and communicate ideas effectively using oral, written, and non-verbal 
  • communication skills in a variety of contexts.
  • demonstrate developmentally appropriate conflict resolution strategies.
Empowered Global Citizens
Empowered Global Citizens
Empowered Global Citizens who
  • value and respect diversity.
  • show empathy.
  • encourage intellectual and cultural inclusion.
  • actively engage in community and service.