Early Childhood

Early Childhood development takes place in the context of families and communities. At SIS, the development of the whole child is shaped by the day-to-day experiences and environments of their daily life. The Early Childhood program at SIS nurtures creativity while providing opportunities for inquiry and discovery.

Growth and development

The early years are a time of tremendous growth and development. Whether through table inquiries in the classroom, circle time, free inquiry play outside, or while attending art, swimming, and physical education classes growth happens in the following four areas :

Social/Emotional Development
Physical Development
Cognitive Development
Language Development
Recognizing that all students progress at different rates, we measure student growth on a developmental continuum.

Early Childhood Enrollment

Enrollment in Early Childhood is based on age and developmental readiness. Students apply for the Early Childhood program should meet the following age guidelines :

18 months old by their first day of school

At least two (2) years of age by November 1.

At least three (3) years of age by November 1. Students should be potty trained when starting EC 3.

At least four (4) years of age by November 1.