Open Every School Day
7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Special opening hours are posted during holiday & vacation times

The library serves SIS students, parents, faculty, and staff with its collection of over 36,000 print and online materials, using Follett’s web-based DESTINY circulation and catalog systems. Students and parents can access Destiny from a location outside the school in order to check the catalog and log into their accounts. To access our library collections, please visit the SIS Library Online Catalog.
The librarian plans and collaborates with all SIS teachers to provide students with the tools for pleasure reading and informational research success.
Elementary students visit the library at least twice a week and have a 30-minute library lesson at least once weekly.

Secondary students can visit to check out books, browse, study, or socialize during morning break, after lunch, and after school, and at other times as arranged by or with a teacher.

The librarian supports the literature needs of students at all levels with a number of teaching opportunities and programs, which can include but are not limited to book talks, preparing class collections of fiction and nonfiction materials, book clubs, book fairs, informal book swaps, peer and teacher book recommendations, holiday literature activities, and themed book displays.

SIS parents and families are invited to use the library during school hours for browsing, reading, tutoring, meeting, and researching. Parents can open up a library account and may check out up to eight books at a time. We respectfully remind our parent community that the library is the “biggest classroom in the school.” In this spirit, we ask our parent patrons to respect teaching materials, learning spaces, and student study areas by monitoring your children at all times.

Students below grade 6 can visit the library after school only if accompanied by a parent. Students, parents, and staff members are expected to be responsible in their use of all library materials. Should a book or other library material become damaged or lost, the student who checked out the material will be charged for repair or replacement/shipping costs.