Middle School Physical Education (Pak Purnomo and Pak Suparno)

Our middle school PE classes  have had a different start to the year in order to stay healthy and avoid Covid-19. We meet weekly for online instructions, students enthusiastically complete their exercises at home and then submit videos for assessment.  Our system is working very well and we are pleased with the efforts of our students.

Participating in sports builds endurance and keeps us healthy.   Regular exercise is a good way to maintain health, fitness and endurance. Doctors and experts say that there are many sports that can be done at home in the midst of the COVID-19 . “In principle, there are two types of sports, namely neural exercise to maintain health and physical exercise to maintain fitness. These sports can be done at home.” 

Breathing exercises can be carried out anytime and anywhere.  Doing them regularly keeps our minds  healthy and minimizes stress.  Physical exercises are important  to keep our bodies in shape.  This is especially important when we are spending so much time sitting and learning online. Physical exercise involves large muscles, is rhythmic, and sustainable.  With physical distancing,  it is very important to choose sports that can be done at home, or while maintaining a safe distance.

We have received videos of all types of sports from our students;  brisk walking, jogging, static cycling, golfing, hula hooping, soccer, dancing, gymnastics, and swimming.  We are happy that our students are exercising regularly!

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High School English (ELA Department Head, Lana Anderton, on behalf of our ELA teachers)

SIS English Language Arts students have jumped into the year with a variety of projects; college essays, short stories, novels, and extensive writing. Students have a cross curricular focus on the “real world” importance of written communication as email frequency increases and the online setting necessitates the development of these 21st Century skills. Successfully navigating MAP testing, AP preparation, and honing reading comprehension and writing skills have kept students busy and engaged.

However, ELA class is not just reading and writing, on the contrary, these kids are also getting creative. Students are using their reading selections as inspiration to craft multiple portfolio style projects in core classes such as British Literature and 9th grade English, as well as elective classes like creative writing and travel journalism. These projects are combining traditional ELA skills with creative analysis and application to render deeper understanding. Seeing what students at SIS are doing at this point in the year makes us all truly excited for the months to come

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