Foundations of Expression: Building Sentences in K-Gr 1

ES Bahasa Indonesia classes are learning various topics at the different grade levels.

K-Gr 1 class is now focusing on building a simple sentence. Students are learning about verbs, and the negation words; ‘Tidak” and ‘Bukan’, and the question word ‘Apakah’.

The fourth grade UOI has had students inquiring into causes of conflicts in their Sharing the Planet Unit.  They have learned about the history of Indonesia in it’s fight for independence as it unfolded in Surabaya in November 1945. Students are also learning the words used to indicate past tense such as ‘Kemarin’, ‘Yang lalu’, Sudah’, etc.

Students in Grade 5 are learning about the coat of arms of Indonesia, Garuda Pancasila. We discussed what the symbols of Garuda Pancasila represent. Students also learned about the government system in Indonesia as they work through their How We Organize Ourselves unit, as well as the Indonesian grammar; affixes.

Language and Tolerance: Verbs and Comparative Sentences in Bahasa Indonesia

Grade 2-3 students learned about the five major islands in Indonesia that have different cultures and traditions as they inquired into their Who We Are unit. Students also learned the importance of being tolerant of each other. They learned some verbs related to tolerance and how to use them with correct sentence structure.  Students also learning about comparative sentences using the adjectives.

We are glad to see students showing their enthusiasm as they participate in the classroom through different activities during this online learning experience. They are also showing responsibility for completing their assignments. Terima kasih ES Students!

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