Middle School Physical Education: Pak Parno and Pak Purno

We have almost finished the year of online learning. Please stay healthy in the summer. In order to increase your immunity you should routinely do a minimum of 20-30 minutes of exercise both inside and outside the home. Exercise is the second bastion of defense in our efforts to increase our antibody resistance. This is a very important thing for all of to remember in addition to hand washing with soap, wearing masks, keeping our distance and avoiding crowds. 

Secondary Scoop:  Middle School Physical Education and High School English Language - Running (Shutterstock)

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High School English: Ms. Anderton and Mr. Bridges

What a year it has been! Students at SIS have weathered online learning, and proven that though the format has changed; they are exceptional students. As we wind down a busy year the English Language Arts students have been focusing on final tests, final projects, MAP, and AP testing. Students have written extensively, read a multitude of novels, and prepared for this all year. 

Many final projects are a culmination of these skills showcasing the best of SIS student talents in both analytical and creative writing. Seniors are taking their knowledge of speculative dystopian novels, current and historic events, and creating their own stories based on that style for their final writing project. The result is beautifully unique knowledge based stories; well worth a year of hard work from these talented students. The Creative Writing students are finishing the year with a multimedia element; creating Social Media Marketing projects that are uniquely theirs and demonstrate their 21st century skills and abilities showcasing their talents in a variety of venues.

Speech and Debate classes have all been showing their best work as well engaging in lively debates and pristine speeches to round out a year of practicing. Finally, the AP students are working diligently on their tests, and without a doubt look forward to a break soon.

What a year of growth for these students! They should be commended for all their hard work and dedication. We will miss the seniors as they move on to the next stage in their lives, and anticipate hearing success stories from university, and we look forward to seeing everyone else in the fall.

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