Learning is a Team Effort

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The current educational setting is unusual and uncomfortable for many. We are in a situation that no one has been in before and we are navigating our educational journey together. As a collective of educators, we have our own sadness, fears, hopes, and goals. We have fears, not only for the community and their health, but we also fear about how best to educate the students. However, we are here to support every student and their family as we embark on this new online voyage.

As teachers prepare online lessons and develop new ways of learning on and off the computer, we need to acknowledge that we are a team with all the parents and students. What teachers see on screen may not be what parents and students are experiencing at home. How do we achieve a team effort in your child’s education? We need to have open and consistent dialogue between parents and teachers.

Parents, we need to hear what you and your child are experiencing on and off the screen during school hours. What parents and students experience may not be the hope and plan of the teachers. By keeping regular communication, we can work as a team to make sure that your child is getting the support they need.

Tips for Updating and/or Check-Ins with your child’s teacher:

  •         What is effective and successful while being at home?
  •         What is your child struggling with while being at home?
  •         What does your child miss the most about school?
  •         What concerns do you have as a parent?

When you check-in or update your child’s teacher, be as open as possible. There is no judgement on what is being experienced at home. As we work together as a team, we are focusing on your child and how we can support them to be successful.

For more information on topics to support your child, please visit Understood.org to find resources for online learning and how to support your child at home. 

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