Exploring Products Around the World

Products are all around us! Where do they come from? How are they made? Second Grade’s new unit this month has been based on the theme of “How We Organize Ourselves.” Our central idea is: Many products go through a process of change before they are consumed or used.

Categorizing Raw Materials

We have been exploring a variety of products from around the world, as well as the raw materials that are used to create these products from the start. Second graders have been working hard to separate these materials into categories such as paper, plastic, and wood. Our focus throughout the unit will be on plastic as an important material to consider, since we use so much of it on a daily basis.

Unveiling the Process of Plastic Production

To find out more, second graders will be digging deeper into library books and the internet to discover the process of plastic production. They will strengthen their research skills by gathering information from different sources and compiling their findings into “All About Plastic” books. Developing research skills isn’t always easy, but it is an important skill to learn in preparation for the upper elementary grades! Our recent “How To” writing unit will assist us to complete this challenge as well! Two upcoming field trips to PT. Surya Dermato Medica Laboratories and the Campina Ice Cream Factory will be also be a fantastic way to solidify understanding of both this unit as well as some concepts from our previous UOIs.

Second graders have been open-minded, curious, and enthusiastic during the beginning stages of this unit. They have been eager to integrate their knowledge into other areas of the curriculum, such as creating a human circle graph during math class to show where in the world our t-shirts come from. Students were very interested to find that it is possible to make t-shirts from plastic! They have begun to wonder if there are other ways of recycling trash to make a reclaimed product. How do products impact the earth, and what we can do to make things better?

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