Strategic Goals Overview

Our faculty has spent the last semester working in different committees in order to create an action plan to realize our strategic goals. Our strategic goals are as follows:  Create systems in order for learning to be centered on developing caring, creative, and collaborative critical thinkers who are successful global citizens. Provide a widely communicated, whole-school educational program that is balanced, rigorous, and cohesive. Change the current governance structure in order to provide sustainable stewardship. Create and effectively broadcast to all stakeholders and the wider community a common identity that reflects the school’s mission and vision statements. Build a framework that ensures strategic thinking and actions through sustainable and effective leadership and management. Employ, develop, and retain highly-qualified administrators, teachers, and support staff from diverse cultural backgrounds who share the Mission of SIS. Ensure that SIS has the appropriate facilities and resources to meet current and future needs of the strategic plan.

Committee Recommendations

At a meeting last week, the committees reported their recommended implementation steps to the faculty. Each group received feedback and we will continue to refine the plan before presenting it to the board. It is our goal to have approval on a final plan before the end of the academic year. Once the plan has been approved by the board, we will share it with the entire community. This plan will help to guide the development of our school over the next three to five years. 

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