PYP Exhibition Success

Our 5th Graders had a successful PYP Exhibition at the end of April, with a live virtual presentation which many of the members of our school community witnessed. Our students were responsible researchers and engaging communicators who were able to share their inquiry and learning with their parents and other students. The students also created relevant action projects such as creating informative skits and videos, and organizing a reading/Math club that continued even beyond Exhibition Day. The students truly did an amazing job and the whole SIS community celebrates their achievement with them!

May is usually a difficult month to get 5th Graders to do anything. After the PYP Exhibition, the students are usually drained of energy because of all the hard work and the effort that they pour into their exhibition presentations. Another reason to be proud of these kids is that they jumped right into our learning engagements and continue to press on!

Exploring Adolescence and Growth

For our final Unit of Inquiry, the 5th Graders are learning about adolescence and the physical, emotional, and social changes that accompany this time of growth. The students launched into individual inquiries about different issues such as the physical changes in puberty, the confusing feelings that they are beginning to feel, as well as the social interactions that they will experience as they move to middle school. We had our school medical team, Dr. Febri and Nurse Inda, come and discuss physical changes in separate sessions for boys and girls. It was great to get answers to questions that the kids have about what to expect in adolescence from medical professionals. Another highlight was the Zoom talk our 5th Graders had with Mrs. Wendy Woodhurst, our Secondary Principal, who had an engaging talk with them about social changes in adolescence. Mrs. Woodhurst also imparted to us a very important piece of advice about how to treat others and ourselves: BE KIND. Next week, we will welcome Ms. Alexis Siniscalco, our School Counselor, who will talk to us about the emotional changes that the students will go through in puberty.

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Literary Adventures and Creativity

For Language Arts, we’ve been reading nonfiction books and online articles to understand more about our UOI topic and to work on our reading comprehension. We’ve also had our weekly poetry workshops led by Ms. Tracy, our ELL teacher, where we’ve been using our creativity to write different kinds of poems such as, haiku, free verse, acrostic and the sense poem. We’ve integrated this project with ICT where Ms. Sari taught us to use the Book Creator app so we could create and design our own poetry books.

Exploring Fractions

For Math, we have been learning about fractions. We’ve been working on finding fractions of a  whole and finding fractions with rulers. Our students have also been going around their houses looking for authentic applications of fractions in household items. It is so interesting to see the pictures that they’ve taken and to listen to their explanations of these fractions during our discussions. The students were definitely keeping an eye out for applications of fractions all around them!

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