The ONLY school with

100% of teachers certified as apple teacher

Surabaya Intercultural School is proud to announce that 100% of our teachers are Apple Certified Educators.
This is one way that we continue to grow and develop our teachers in their use of technology. We recognize that Apple is a leading innovator, especially in education, and are proud to be a part of this community. Our goal is to create future innovators and we are confident that we will achieve this goal.
Use of Technology – The Development of Future Innovators

Surabaya Intercultural School recognizes that the use of technology is critical to the development of future innovators, our students. We look at the work of and their Future Jobs Kit 2.0 as a glimpse into careers that our students may hold. Our job is to model and teach students how to use technology in an effective and ethical manner.

The use of technology must have a positive impact on the teaching and learning. It cannot merely replace something. With the expansion of AI, technology appears to be a critical moment. The people who know how to leverage the use of technology will be far better prepared than those that do not.

Committed to being one-to-one school.

For that reason, Surabaya Intercultural School is committed to being a one-to-one school. 

Starting in Kindergarten, each child has access to their own iPad. This continues through grade 5 with students in grades 3-5 having keyboards as part of their iPad.

In secondary, students are required to provide their own Apple devices. Historically, this was limited to MacBooks but recent developments in the iPad Pro have allowed some to use this as the sole device.
Many high school students will use both iPad and MacBook.