Middle school students are in the midst of a unique period in their lives, the transition from childhood to adolescence.

Our curriculum is based on standards from the United States. Teachers use the Understanding by Design framework to plan their lessons, which means that they begin their planning with the outcome in mind and work backwards to ensure that students can gain mastery over our standards. Our curriculum review cycle guarantees that our curriculum is constantly being monitored and updated.
Recognizing this, the SIS Middle School staff provides a transition from elementary to high school and helps students build the skills they will need to be successful in high school.

Our middle school is comprised of three grade levels: Grades 6, 7, and 8. SIS has a 1:1 laptop program and uses the Google Classroom platform for all classes. Courses taught in middle school consist of core and specialist courses. The core courses are: English, social studies, math, and science. Specialist courses include but are not limited to physical education, technology, foreign language, speech and debate, art, music, and drama.


The teachers at SIS make all of the difference. We have a committed team of teachers with experience working with middle school students. Our faculty is comprised of seven different nationalities and core classes are all taught by expat teachers. With small class sizes, our teachers can offer individualized instruction to help all of their students succeed.

Map Testing by NWEA

Twice a year students take an adaptive test in math, reading and language to monitor their growth in these skills. The test questions increase in difficulty as students get questions correct. The test becomes easier if students get questions wrong. Teachers receive a detailed report on each student in order to help individualize instruction. Parents and students receive a report that shows growth and makes comparisons to students around the world. This is another way we provide validation of our educational programs.

Technology in the Middle School

SIS has a 1:1 laptop program and uses the Google Classroom platform for all classes. We also have a Computer Science program that introduces students to beginning coding and robotics. This will prepare students for further studies in Computer Science in our high school program.