Unveiling Insights: Chatterbox on Purpose and Curiosity in Learning

In this week’s chatterbox, I will again refer to an article from the Character Lab from University of Pennsylvania Psychology department.  This article by Angela Duckworth, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance focuses on how purpose and curiosity can lead to students taking responsibility for their learning.  This is especially important for us at SIS as we continue instruction virtually and how we are able to meet the needs of all learners.  

Project-Based Learning Unveiled: A Strategy for Engagement and Creativity

The strategy that the article promotes is project based learning.  It offers students choice in how they approach learning.  As Duckworth (2019) stated, it allows students to “drive their own learning rather than sit passively in the passenger seat.”  Project based learning, also referred to as PBL increases student engagement, critical thinking and creativity. 

The idea behind project based learning is that it lends to a more personalized style of instruction that may not be happening in a typical school.  The main focus for the student is to develop authentic learning based on interests and a sense of purpose.  The are article includes another link specifically on purpose learning. 

I am happy to report at SIS we strive to create project based learning opportunities that evolve from the PYP curriculum framework. The units of inquiry in the PYP enable theme projects and offer students multiple roles within a group or individually.  This idea of integration allows for real world application.

As a result, the learning is not only of interest, but also models how we as adults collaborate and interact in our working world.  Even in our current online model, our students at SIS are able to acquire skills such as time management and collaboration.  PBL also lends a hand to the ability to differentiate, to meet the students where they are and promote growth in learning while still adhering to our learning standards. 

As we continue to work around our current world’s situation, it is of great value knowing that ALL students, native speakers or language learners are given the opportunity to grow and learn in a collaborative and authentic manner using the PBL model at SIS.   

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