MS Civics: Ibu Wahyu

The MS Civics classes study a variety of topics. Grade 6 is now focusing on learning about unity and integrity in the life of the nation and state. Students will know about the meaning and importance of unity and integrity. Students learn to apply the values ​​of unity and integrity in the life of the nation and state and then can apply the attitude of unity and integrity in the surrounding environment.

The Grade 7 students are learning about regions within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. They studied the meaning and role of regions within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. We are also learning about the spirit of defending the Republic of Indonesia.

The Grade 8 students are studying law and legislation. We are discussing the meaning and importance of law and legislation. Students will learn about the order of legislation in Indonesia and realize the importance of legal positions and functions. Students learn to demonstrate an attitude in accordance with the laws and regulations in everyday life.

It is great to see students showing their enthusiasm for participating in the classroom through different activities during this online learning. They are also responsible for completing their assignments. Thank you MS Students!

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HS Social Studies: Mr. Daily and Mr. Bridges

High School students have been working hard in Microeconomics, History and Business classes. We are all continuing to adapt to the challenges of our online learning environment.

AP Microeconomics students are working on improving their understanding of monopolies and imperfect competition. The Micro class is three fourths of the way through its course material and then beginning its review and final preparations for the AP Exams held in May. The AP Micro students have a focus this semester on the final three units of the curriculum (Imperfect Competition, Factor Markets, Market Failures and the Role of Government). We are continuously working to understand how to use graphs to represent the characteristics of markets and to understand the concepts of microeconomics.

Students in 10th Grade Modern World History, 8th and 9th Grade Ancient World History, and AP Modern World History are all focused on the critical thinking skills used to understand our world.

In AP Modern World History, we are completing the Unit on Consequences of Industrialization. The AP Modern class has three units remaining before it begins review for the exam. Students have practiced their skills in creating arguments, analyzing sources and crafting properly formatted answers to high level questions.

10th grade Modern World HIstory students have been diving deep into the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution and how the effects are still being felt today. They have been able to experience both views, from the workers side and the owners side. The link with economics is getting them excited for AP Economics in the future. 

8th Grade World History students are wrapping up their unit on Ancient India and preparing to begin learning about Ancient China. We are focused on improving the critical thinking skills necessary to make sense out of different types of information. The 8th graders are practicing image and text analysis using primary sources, pictures, and sculptures to understand how we make inferences about the past.

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