Exploring Economics & Currency in Bahasa Indonesia

During Bahasa Indonesia in the elementary school, students make connection to their units of inquiry as they learn about aspects of Indonesian culture and history, while at the same time developing language skills.

During their unit of inquiry, EC 4 students have been learning about how we express ourselves through different celebrations.  During Bahasa Indonesia, students have learned how the people of Indonesia celebrated their independence. One of the activities students participated in was wearing traditional costumes for the independence parade. Students were being risk takers as they tried on the Kebaya (girls’ costume) and Baju Lurik (boys’ costume).

Meanwhile, during their How We Organize Ourselves unit, Grade 3 students have been inquiring into goods and services and supply and demand as they learn more about economic principles.  In our Bahasa Indonesia class, students have learned about the Indonesian currency and how to say the nominal value.  Students created a simple dialog about shopping in the market.

Learning About Puppets & Gamelan with Music & Play

Finally, our second grade students have been exploring the principles of light and sound during their How We Express Ourselves unit.  In Bahasa Indonesia class, the Grade 2 students have been learning about puppets and the gamelan.  They have learned about different types of puppets in Indonesia. Students have shown their enthusiasm while playing Gamelan and performing with puppets.

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