Celebrate Student Talent at the Art Expo

One of the goals of our elementary art class is for students to express their creative skills and imagination through visual forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and others, producing works to be appreciated for their beauty or the emotional feelings they evoke. Students in EC 3, Grade 2, and Grade 5 have been busy working on collaborative projects supporting their units of inquiry.

Currently all students are preparing to collect their art work as we  get ready for the Elementary Art EXPO. This expo will celebrate our young artists. Keep the date for Elementary Art EXPO on May 13-17, 2019.

EC 3:  3D Volcano

EC-3 students were enthusiastic to learn about art. They loved having the opportunity to make a 3D volcano project by crumpling newspaper and covering around on the yacult bottle.  Finally, they layered their project with white cloth and glue.

Grade 2:  Maracas & Shadow Puppets

The second graders made their own shadow puppet characters. This projects was a collaboration with their classroom UOI “How We Express Ourselves” and their end of unit drama performance. Students learned how light interacts with matter. This lesson serves as an introduction to the properties of light and its role in creating shadows. They experimented with the light source using a puppet to create a shadow effect. They also made maracas  from paper mache. The project material included balloons, newsprint strips, glue, paint, and beads.

Grade 5:  Exploration of Clay

Students in grade 5 inquired into the concept of 3D objects by working with clay. Clay is a great way to explore 3-dimensional art works. The main construction methods students used were pinch and coil methods.

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