MS Social Studies

At the conclusion of the 3rd Quarter 6th and 7th Grade engaged in a summative assessment called a “Choice-Board” project. The basic breakdown of the strategy is that students choose 2 mini-projects to work on out of a total of nine possible choices (like a tic-tac-toe board). The activities focus on specific desires, needs, and capabilities of the student. The student may focus initially on what they are comfortable with then proceed to more challenging undertakings. They can focus on topics such as the economic benefits of a river, the diary of a slave in colonial Southeast Asia, musical forms of a certain cultural group, prominent literary works of a region etc. 

Students then research each topic through inquiry. And students can present on the topic in a variety of mediums. In this activity the teacher essentially focuses the activity around what the student needs, at the same time allowing for students to consider their own choices as to what they want to work on.

The Choice board strategy aims to spark students overall interest in the content using differentiated instruction to advocate for learning across the board. Choice boards also promote student responsibility and ownership of their learning. This summative project is applicable to all grade levels and is a multi-discipline type of task. Students are ultimately given the opportunity to hi-lite the skills they have acquired, practice new ones, and enhance their learning.

HS Music

Time is moving fast and the end of the school year is just two months away. The music room becomes very frenzied with the sound of high school students playing musical instruments and raising their voice in song as they prepare for the second semester music concert.  This year’s concert will be held on April 30th at 1:30 pm in the SIS canteen. 

Students are enthusiastic in practicing during school hours and also after school time. Grades 9 to 12 students are directly involved in preparing for this concert. The ASA band will also perform.  The concert is a chance for the students to showcase their musical skills and talents. They are very excited to be able to show their ability to play a musical instrument as well as sing.

All musical instruments that will be used for the concert are well checked so that the students will feel comfortable to practice. Drums have been tightened and all stringed instruments have been tuned.

The upcoming concert is the culmination of what students have learned since January. Good preparation will produce a brilliant performance. I look forward to seeing how students develop their skills after nearly four months of studying in class.


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