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Recognizing the Successes

A Message from Administration Alley:  SS Learning Support - Recognizing the Successes

As we are approaching the anniversary of when COVID-19 first affected the world, it is common to evaluate what we have lost, forgotten, or given up. It is normal to reflect, mourn, and feel sad. However, this might be a good time to recognize the successes and strengths our children possess.

  • #1 Children are learning to self-advocate at a much higher level. They are recognizing that asking for help is a good thing and they are finding their supportive communities.
  • #2 Children are showing accelerated skills in certain areas. Our children are able to showcase their skills in many different ways. Let’s celebrate their interests and personal achievements.  
  • #3 The last twelve months have been tough on everyone. However, our children are learning from the setbacks from this year. Children are learning to think of alternative avenues to achieve goals. Amazingly, our children are learning from mistakes and are becoming stronger because of these lessons.
  • #4 Surprisingly, our children have been able to maintain a positive outlook, despite being out of school and out of many social realms. Our children are positive that they will eventually get back some normalcy and have shown their strong character by staying optimistic.
  • #5 Building on our children’s positive outlooks, many are planning for their future. They are still setting goals and working toward them now. Our children show integrity by working for the future they want.
  • #6 Even if not all children are showing up every day with a smile, they are showing up every day. Our children are exhibiting perseverance by not giving up.

This year has been hard, but let’s celebrate the small victories, as well as the big ones. Let’s take our cues from our resilient students and keep pushing for more successes.

If you need more ideas on how to encourage your child, please reach out to your teachers, the school, or get support online. 

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