It is hard to believe the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year has finished.  I am so very proud of our teachers who have gone above and beyond to provide a quality program that continues to meet the needs of our elementary students.  I am so very proud of our students too!  They have risen to the challenge of online learning, have shown engagement in their lessons, and have shown responsibility for completing and handing in their work. 

It is a new sort of learning environment to which our students and teachers have had to become accustomed, but they have shown that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.  I have enjoyed visiting zoom classes and participating in activities with our students. It makes this online world just a little more normal when I get to interact with our students and teachers in their classrooms too!

Celebrating Achievements: Showcasing Student Learning in Online Assemblies

When on campus, as an elementary school, we often find ourselves celebrating community events together.  Events such as spirit weeks and assemblies really bring our school closer together.  It has been great to see during our time of online learning that we have been able to continue to have these community celebrations.  Our elementary assemblies continue to be a place where student learning is showcased.  Our spirit weeks, sponsored by different student organizations, have provided countless ways to bring us all together, even when we are not physically at school.

It has been a busy first term.  Over the next week, I hope our families will take some time for a well deserved rest, so that everyone returns to our second quarter of online learning ready for whatever challenges we might face.  Upon our return from break, progress reports will be distributed to families via email on October 20, 2020.  On October 22 and October 23, we will host our Three-Way conferences virtually.  We hope that parents and students will join together with their classroom teachers to discuss their child’s progress.  Schedule details will be shared in the days ahead.

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