It’s been 12 weeks since we started the school year. We just finished our first quarter and are well into our second quarter. Our students have gotten used to online learning. Since the start of the school year, our students have shown that they are risk takers by utilizing their gadgets to try out new apps, programs, or online activities to improve their learning. 

Kindergarten and Grade 1: Unveiling the World of Icons and Online Creativity with Technology

In Kindergarten and Grade 1, students are learning about signs and symbols for their second UOI – How We Organize Ourselves. In technology class, they learned that the signs or symbols are called icons and those icons help people in using the technology. KG and Grade 1 students also learned how to create an online book using Book Creator. They will be able to use Book Creator to show their learning in a creative way. 

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Grade 2 and 3: Mastering Screen Recording and Exploring Geography

In Grade 2 and 3, students are being introduced to screen recording. Some students are using laptops, or chromebooks, or iPads. Regardless of the gadgets that they are using for learning, they learn how to record the screen to show off what they learned. Once they know how to  record their screen, they will be able to create many things including presentations, tutorials, or just simply create a video for sharing with others. For their UOI, students focus on geography. In the technology class, they learned how to use Google Earth to see different places on Earth, add a marker to Google My Maps, and the introduction of five themes of geography. They have been working hard on their learning and having fun at the same time. 

Grade 4: Developing Online Research Strategies and Building E-portfolios with Technology

Students in Grade 4 are focusing on their new UOI – How We Organize Ourselves. They are focusing on landforms and earth processes. For this unit, students will do a lot of online research to gather information, thus in technology class, they are learning the strategies to get better results when doing online research. They are also learning how to paraphrase and cite resources to avoid plagiarism. Students in Grade 4 are also building their E-portfolio using Google Sites. This task is time consuming and sometimes it’s hard to reflect, however these students have been trying their best to build up their website as an e-portfolio. 

Grade 5: Embracing Digital Tools and Focusing on Biodiversity with Technology

Since the beginning of the school year, grade 5 students have been introduced to a variety of apps and online tools, such as Pixton, Canva, Screencastify, and Google Site. They have done some activities about Digital Citizenship to remind themselves to be a good digital citizen. Starting October, Grade 5 students are busy learning about their newest UOI – Sharing the Planet, focusing on biodiversity. They played habitat games online to learn about ecosystems. They have also been working hard on creating their E-portfolio using the Google Site to showcase their learning. 

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