Fall Break Prelude: Musical Journey in the First Quarter

The fall break is coming soon. Towards the end of the first quarter, elementary school students are busy with their music online learning. They are learning how to sing, to move, as well as how to play instruments.  They are accomplishing all of this during our online learning time! This is a big challenge for them to learn music online. Our music classes are divided into synchronous and asynchronous classes. Face to face, teaching through zoom is a synchronous class while in asynchronous classes students get materials to learn from the teacher to study independently.

Melodic Foundations: Kindergarten to Third Grade Music Exploration

Kindergarten to third grade students are learning songs, movements, basic essential elements of music such as rhythm, tone color, form and melody. Most of the songs are related to the PYP learners profile attributes and attitudes. The songs chosen will provide motivation  for students to reflect upon what it means to be an IB learner.

Students in grades 4-5 demonstrate their skills in playing musical instruments; recorder and guitar. Even though they are learning to play the instrument virtually, they are very confident and motivated to study the musical scores and the mechanics of playing the instruments. The fourth graders have made a virtual recorder ensemble and the fifth graders are preparing their first virtual ensemble. They have made significant progress in music class this quarter.

Overall, the elementary students are very enthusiastic and cheerful in every exercise held in the music classes and I am very happy with their best effort and work during this quarter.

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