Parent-Teacher Partnership

Enhancing Student Success through Parent-Teacher Partnership - 1

As we get closer to finishing the first semester, the need for parents and teachers to connect is very important. When parents and teachers work in a partnership, students are supported to the highest level. Parents give great insight to what the child is feeling and what students are dealing with outside of the classroom. Teachers are great partners to encourage parents and students, help reduce student anxiety, better decrease miscommunication of expectations, and strategize for higher quality work production.

In a partnership, communication should be simple and often. Please feel free to reach out to your student’s teacher through email, calling, or through their office hours. The Student Services Team can also offer information on after school programs, organization with student assignment schedules, and community resources. Please feel free to contact Jodi Vigil, Learning Support Teacher, with any educational/academic questions and/or resource requests. For further information, please visit parent sites at and

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