Countdown to the Annual Music Concert

The winter break is coming soon. Towards the end of the first semester elementary school students are busy preparing for our annual music concert which will be held on Thursday December 5, 2019. Every year we have a special theme for our concert and this year the theme  is “ I Have A Dream”. The songs are going to tell about what students want to be in the future. “I Have A Dream” becomes the finale that all elementary students will sing at the end of the show.

Eager Anticipation for a Memorable Finale

Kindergarten to second grade students are preparing songs related to the concert themes as well as related to the PYP Learner Profile Attributes and attitudes. The songs chosen will provide opportunities for students to be reflective on what it means to be a PYP student and how each day we are asked to live the Learner Profile, not only at school, but at home too.

Students in grades 3-5 will demonstrate their skills in playing musical instruments such as xylophone, recorder and guitar. They are very confident and motivated to show the skills they have achieved in music class this semester. Overall the elementary students are very enthusiastic and cheerful in every exercise held during the music classes and I will look forward their performance this semester.

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