High School Art

Art 1

In Art 1, the Grade 9 class, has been working on several artworks during the term. The students have been developing skills in ceramics. They have also been learning about color exploration, which focuses on complementary/harmonious colors in the color wheel. The group have been able to apply their art knowledge by exploring an artist in Art History and by exploring various works of art.

Students got the opportunity to work with different media, such as water color, tempera, and acrylic paints. The Art 1 class also learned still – life drawing, with inspiration from the work of Paul Cezanne. With the assistance of research on the topic and art style, the group learned how to concentrate on shading techniques and light source. They also discovered how to apply these on their drawing, using drawing pencils, color pencils and/or watercolor media.

Art II

The Grade 10 students, have been consistently challenged to be expressive and creative in their artwork this term. The class have explored Zentangle Animals, Perspective Drawing and Painting during their art lessons. Different media has been offered to students; inclusive of pen drawing, watercolor, tempera, and acrylic paints.

During their unit on Ceramics, students furthered their skills in the art classroom by learning how to “wheel throw” for their final project. This was the first time students tried this technique and in the process, they learned how to simultaneously control their hands and a foot at the wheel.


Students in the AP courses have been working diligently and with much creativity during the art classes.  They have been given the opportunity to explore for their art concentration, breadth, and/or investigation projects. Since students are to produce high quality and original artworks, they are given all the fine facilities the art room has to offer and receive all of the necessary support.


The Scenery and Set Design class explored the season of autumn and the celebration of Halloween through color, shape and texture. Students designed a Diorama, suitable for a general school audience, which would express the themes associated with this season/holiday. Their wonderful designs were displayed in the school library as part of the Halloween celebrations.

Currently, the group is working cooperatively with Secondary Theatre Arts, in preparation for the Fall Theater Production. Groups of students within the class are working on various elements of a production: Set Design, Creation of Props, Advertising and Music/Sound Effects. Students are trained to be creative with their development of ideas and learn to work collaboratively in teams.

Middle School Math

Grade 6

Grade 6 Mathematics has had extensive discussions on Decimal multiplication and division. They explored the commutative and associative properties of multiplication as well as the distributive property. They also used their knowledge of multiplication and division to solve real-life word problems.

Grade 7 Pre-Algebra

Students in grade 7 have recently learned how to solve 2 step-equations and equations with variables on both sides.  Next, they will learn how to solve inequalites using addition and subtraction.  Since these particular concepts require little to no technology, students are learning how work together and solve probems without laptops or calculators in the mathematics “living room.”  

Grade 8 Algebra 1

Ms. Santiago

Algebra 1 students continue to work with Linear Equations. Students have had the opportunity to explore different forms of linear functions – slope intercept form, point slope form, and the standard form.  They have graphed equations and solved equations. They are now expanding their knowledge in linear functions with real-life word problems.

Ms. Mattos

Students in grade 8 are having a blast solving rate-time-distance problems, mixture problems, and wind/current problems using systems of linear equations.  They are learning how to organize their important information into tables and then using this information to correctly set up a problem with minimum effort.  

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