PYP  in Action

During their How We Organize Ourselves unit, the grade 1 students learned about signs and symbols.  In the classroom, students learned about signs and symbols they see every day and what they meant. During PE class, students reflected upon different signals that we use and what they mean.  We identified some signals to use in the gym that we continue to use now.  Our gym signals are:

  • “Go” = start activity ( gym)
  • Short whistle = stop and look
  • Long whistle = go back to the yellow circle ( gym)

Students used different signs and symbols to play various games.  They learned about the function of different symbols.


After a successful volleyball and badminton season, it’s time for basketball.

This year, we have both varsity and junior varsity teams for both boys and girls.  Our dedicated varsity students practice three times per week.  We have started weekly friendly games each Friday beginning at 4:00 against local schools and we encourage parents and students to come cheer on the teams.  Be sure to check out Class Dojo for more information about upcoming games.

The annual ISSAC Basketball Tournament will run on February 23 – February 25 in Salatiga.  Mountain View will be our hosts.  We are looking forward to the high level of competition we will face at ISSAC! Following ISSAC, we will host the PASS basketball tournament March 1 – 3.  Please come out and cheer on our varsity basketball teams.

We are pleased to announce that in the upcoming weeks, our junior varsity teams have some friendly games scheduled:

  • 22nd February SIS vs SMPN 6 Surabaya,
  • 8th March SIS vs Local School
  • 15th March SIS vs SMPN 26 Surabaya

Cross Country

We have four runners planning to join this year’s ISSAC Cross Country event in Salatiga.  Coach Howard trains with our runners 3 days a week in the morning before school.  During practice, students practice the steps and speed of running while minding their breathing to ensure they can run for long periods of time.

Swim Team

This year we have about 40 children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 participating on the swimming team!  Each week, we have 25 – 30 dedicated students attending our scheduled practices three times per week.

Last year our SIS swimmers proudly represented our school bringing home championship medals at ISSAC in Bali.  This fall our students also competed successfully at the Great Crystal School swimming meet.  

In addition to our competition success, we also hope that their participation in swimming is also making our children healthier and more skilled in their respective swimming styles.  Now we focus our attention on preparing for a swim meet in March as well as for ISSAC at the end of April in Bandung.  We wish all of our swimmers continued success and thank them for their hard work!

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