Second and third graders have delved into our final unit of inquiry within the transdisciplinary theme ‘Sharing the Planet’. The central idea “Our consumption of Earth’s natural resources requires consideration of sustainable practices”, provided students an opportunity to explore natural resources, their uses and our sustainable practices. 

Fostering Sustainability Awareness in Second and Third Graders - 1

Understanding the Challenges

The students researched and found out various challenges faced by the world due to the overuse and abuse of natural resources. They were reflective of human actions and stated that human activities have greatly affected the quantity and quality of natural resources. The curious learners broadened their conceptual understanding by discussing the impact of human interaction with the environment like plastic waste accumulation, pollution of water bodies and global warming.

Fostering Sustainability Awareness in Second and Third Graders - 2

Inquiry into Sustainability

The unequal distribution of natural resources around the world provoked their further inquiry into our sustainable practices and conservation of natural resources. The transdisciplinary nature of the curriculum framework allowed the students to uncover facts and data related to natural resources and their conservation through Data handling.

Fostering Sustainability Awareness in Second and Third Graders - 3

Taking Action for a Sustainable Future

Students referred to the above quote and started to think critically. They realized, the conservation of natural resources is a global concern. The enthusiastic learners grabbed the opportunity and took action to conserve nature by adopting a sustainable practice. They are ready to demonstrate their enduring understanding of the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by presenting their action during the unit summative presentation. 

Fostering Sustainability Awareness in Second and Third Graders - 4

It is evident that this unit of inquiry enabled the students to be caring and empathetic to the environment, grow a sense of responsibility towards its conservation and be reflective of their sustainable practices.

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