Please click the link above for five fabulous virtual performances, two by our Grade 8 class and three by our High School Band. Enjoy!

Middle School IT with Mr. Charles

It is amazing that we are now in Quarter 4 of the school year and we are still delivering lessons virtually. Our students continue to surprise us by rising to challenges by regularly attending lessons and producing outstanding work throughout the process.

Grade 6 Web Development Project

The grade 6 students are currently working on a website development project which will require them to produce a five page website from scratch using Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) to do so. Before the commencement of the project students were taught HTML with them learning to do some of the following:

  • Creating a simple webpage using HTML tags.
  • Formatting Text 
  • Inserting images
  • Changing background colour
  • Creating bullet points
  • Inserting and formatting tables
  • Creating hyperlinks

The project consists of 4 tasks:

  • Research
  • Design 
  • Implementation
  • Review and Improvement

The research tasks require students to do the necessary research to gather information about the topic that their website is about. After this students are required to design a layout and look for the website and produce a detailed design for each page. Their design should include the text and images, font type, font size, font colour, images, tables, bullet points, background etc. that will appear on each page of the website. The sketches are done on paper. Once they have the design they create their website using the HTML skills that they have learned. After completion, students will also have a chance to critique their own work, or ask a peer to do so, and make any relevant improvements they deem necessary. This is an exciting project that I know the students will enjoy and I can’t wait to see their finished product.

7th Grade Game Design with Scratch

Earlier in the year the 7th graders were introduced to programming using Scratch and they enjoyed that unit. They are expanding their programming knowledge yet again using Scratch for a game design project. As a reminder, Scratch is a free programming language and online community where students can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations.  As a result of this it is one of the perfect programming languages for students to use to create casual computer games.

This project requires students to design and create a computer game of their choice. For them to do so requires them to look at the history of computer games and the changes that have taken place from the 1950’s to now. After doing this, they explored how to make characters move in Scratch either manually or automatically. They also learned how to create a scoring system and create different levels in games. Further lessons will require students designing, creating, implementing and reviewing the games that they have created.

8th Grade Python Programming

The 8th grades ended the 3rd quarter with an introduction to Python programming. During the introductory stage they were taught about what the programming language is and how it is used by many multinational corporations. They then started looking at the syntax of the programming language by learning keywords in Python such as how to allow input from the user and the output of results. Just recently they started writing programs that require mathematical functions and arithmetic operations.  They will move onto writing programs that make decisions using If-Else and ELIF statements and iteration will follow with them using For and While loops.

High School Band: Pak Priyadi

It really has been a unique year of online learning here at Surabaya Intercultural School! As the academic year has progressed, teachers and students alike, have been exhibiting many positive new habits in online learning, and this can be seen clearly in the High School Band lessons. In Music class, students are currently busy with the creation of a video assessment, which will highlight their learnings in the subject area.

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Continuing the Musical Journey

As well as the creation of this video, students continue with their daily musical routines during the lessons. It is important for the students to continue with the duties of being part of a band and a musical ensemble in order to make online performances happen. The students are very enthusiastic about playing their musical instruments and recording their work.

Teamwork in Harmony

In order for success to take place for online musical performances, all parts of the band must work together as a team. The drummers keep busy practicing their hand and foot coordination. They keep the beat to the same tempo as the music accompaniment. This makes it easier for other musicians to follow the beat when recording. Guitarists are focused on playing selected chords and playing the harmony and melody of the song, according to the accompanying music. The pianist enjoys touching his/her fingers on the white and black keys on the piano board and playing the instrument with the rest of the band. As a group, the aim is to produce accurate sounds in the musical performance. The High School Band continue to achieve this aim in their lessons each week and I am proud of all their accomplishments. Please be sure to watch the video performance compilation!

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