A Musical End to the Year

The year is drawing to a close. April and May will be the busiest months this semester in our music class. The elementary students are busy with their units of inquiry as well as their standalone units. In music class, they are focusing to make video recordings for their first virtual music concert in May. They have to submit their videos in order to make virtual performances. The teacher has rewritten songs that are at the students’ levels, and he has provided recorded accompaniment for students. At the end, the teacher will edit the video submissions from all of the students.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 Melodies

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students are learning the songs “It’s a Small World” and “Free To Be Me” which connect well to the Learner Profile Attributes that are the core of our programme. They will start to learn a song called “Seeds” which describe how important joy, peace and love are in their life.

Second and Third Grade Recorder Practice

The second and third graders are focusing on playing the recorder. They are learning the mechanics of playing recorders as well as reading the music score. They are preparing for their first virtual performance by playing some songs with a recorder.

Fourth Grade Ensemble Exploration

Fourth graders are doing ensembles with different instruments such as violin, guitar, ukulele, recorder and piano.  They are very enthusiastic to learn and play the instruments for their virtual concert. Everyone is eager to learn new songs.

Fifth Grade Exhibition and Virtual Concert

The 5th grade students are focusing on their exhibition this month. They have made a virtual choir by singing the song “Distance Learning Song” for the exhibition. In the music standalone unit, they are preparing for their virtual concert by playing some songs instrumentally. Each of them has to learn their own part in order to build musical harmony.

This is a challenging year for all of our students, yet we are keen to see how students perform for our virtual concert. We can’t wait for the ES music concert and look forward to their virtual performance on May 20, 2021.

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