Unique Connections: Seniors and Kindergarteners in ‘Reading Buddies’ Exchange

What would you think seniors and kindergarteners have in common? Apparently, it is the joy of sharing a good story!  As the grade twelve students embark on their last year of secondary school and kindergarten students begin their educational journey, they have discovered common bonds and grown as a school community through the love of reading in a “Reading Buddies” exchange.

Every week, the seniors and the kinders come together for a magical block wherein the older students share their love of reading with their younger counterparts. These gatherings take place outside of the classroom, even outdoors, which creates an authentic, real-world setting for these exchanges to take place. After being paired with a kindergarten reader, the grade twelve students choose books specifically geared toward the interests and comprehension level of their “buddy” while utilizing a “read, pair, share” process. Students, of both grade levels, are truly wonderful examples of how strong a school community can be through sharing a good book!

Connecting with Indonesian Agriculture: Reading and Learning

MS students are learning about farming. They are learning about which vegetable and fruit plants can be planted in Indonesia. Students are also being introduced to vocabulary about planting like bibit, menggemburkan tanah, menyiram tanaman, and others. Then they are asked to choose what plants they want to plant in the school garden.

The selected plants are plants that can be grown and harvested in 3 months. Some students are collecting seeds from the fruit they eat, and some are buying seeds that are available in stores. Students grow it themselves, are taking care of it by watering and putting fertilizer on the soil to grow, bear fruit and be ready for harvest. They have a journal to record the growth of their plants. They are also reading texts about how Indonesians grow crops. 

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