Hello and welcome to the wonderful library at Surabaya Intercultural School. The students have been exchanging books each week and receive lessons that directly connect with the current Unit of Inquiry that they are studying. Kindergarten has been learning about the resources available in library and how the librarian can help them. First grade is researching their personal family trees by interviewing their parents and writing about the experience. Each student should be learning details about their ancestors and family history. Second grade is learning about buildings and how they are constructed. The students will have a better understanding about how the world works around them. Third graders are becoming published authors by creating their own wordless picture books. They are becoming familiar with Caldecott Medal books, given each year to recognize impressive illustrations. Fourth graders are reading about migration and the factors that cause people in the world to move. Fifth grade has begun looking at people as leaders of change, what is written about them, and how they have changed the world. Hopefully they find an interesting autobiography or biography to read and become a leader of change themselves.

Please remember to ask your child about their library experience. Don’t forget to read nightly to them and ask your older children about what they are reading and studying. We have a great resource here at Surabaya Intercultural School, so stop by and use it. Our collection is open to all members of the SIS community.

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