MS Physical Education

Our Middle School classes have started the year with action packed physical education (PE) and swim classes.  The Middle School classes meet once a week for PE and once a week for swimming, each for 45 minutes. The classes are divided by grade level.

During the first quarter students are learning about soccer. They are improving their skills and abilities by participating in warm up activities, stretching, and learning how to work together as a team. Students in middle school are focusing on kicking, controlling the ball, shooting, dribbling, and understanding the soccer rules.  

In Swimming the students are focusing on freestyle, one of the many swim strokes they will learn this year. In addition to the regularly scheduled PE classes, students are able to participate in other physical activities after school, such as swim team, soccer, kung fu, and others.

HS French

High School French has several language levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

At the beginner level, each student learns the basic French language, both in vocabulary and grammar. They learn how to pronounce French words with the correct pronunciation and learn basic types of sentences such as statement sentences, command sentences and question sentences. At this level, students learn a lot of French vocabulary and daily expressions, such as numbers, names of days, months, seasons, colors, verbs, adjectives, useful nouns, etc. In the end, with their basic French knowledge, students will be able to communicate in French well.

At the intermediate level, students who have learned the basic French language will learn broader grammar and vocabulary. At this level, they are not only able to communicate in daily conversation, but they also can tell stories, make essays, understand stories and hear French people speaking.

At the advanced level, students have to enrich their vocabulary and grammar more deeply. Here, students are not only able to communicate well, but also can understand French people talking in their daily life. Students’ knowledge in language will continue to be trained and strengthened so that they are able to convey what they want to say in broader words and expressions. Students are also required to use French more often in terms of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

In addition to grammar and vocabulary knowledge, students also learn French culture through French foods, songs and habits in their daily lives. Here are some photos of students’ activities in French classes.

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