EC 4 students were enthusiastic as they began their first inquiry this year.  Our first UOI, How The World Works,  has provided the opportunity for students to learn more about their world around them through investigation.  Nature walks through the school gardens and exploring our five senses to investigate our surroundings have been ways that students have learned more about the school environment.

Students learned more about their senses as they explored objects with different textures in the classroom.  They also tasted a variety of different foods, sometimes a challenging tasks as trying new foods can be difficult.  They learned vocabulary to express how different foods taste.

In line with the activities in the classroom, the students also developed their understanding about their senses in Bahasa Indonesia, Art as well as Library classes. They uncovered all five senses and developed new vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia class. During the Art class, students had opportunities to create artwork that has different texture. Furthermore, during library class the students explored both fiction and non-fiction books as they discovered which books they wanted to check out.

It’s been amazing to see the students use their five senses to explain objects they have found. As this is a year-long unit, students will continue to learn more about their world through their senses as they conduct a variety of investigations.  We can’t wait to see what they discover!

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