Shades of People: Unveiling Skin Color Diversity with Young Minds

EC 3 has been enthusiastically learning about Who We Are. For the past two weeks, the children have been discovering a new line of inquiry: Similarities and Differences Between Ourselves and Others. We began this discussion with reading the book ‘Shades of People’ which shows different shades among people in every environment. It is also about how we have different shades from each other and that it is OK. Cocoa, tan, rose, and almond shades-people come in lots of shades, even in the same family. The children have been exploring diversity in skin color through photocopying their hands, observation, discussion and color mixing.

Beyond Fingerprints: Discovering Similarities & Differences in Weekend Activities

The activity that followed after we discussed the book was scanning and printing the student’s hands one by one using the scanner and printer during carpet time. The children had a chance to scan then print their hands.  They showed how they can be risk takers as they placed their hands on the scanner. They also became thinkers when they started to ask the name of the machine, how it works and whether it was going to hurt their hand or not.

After printing the hands, we had an interesting discussion about similarities and differences between each hand printing. We also counted each of the fingers on each pictures and they found out that all of us have ten fingers.  Another similarity among our classmates. They also found out that some of us have the same and different shades or sizes of hands.

Not only do we see similarities and differences in our physical appearances, we find them in our hobbies, interests and other aspects of our personalities.  Regarding these similarities and differences, EC 3 parents were sent some weekend activities and we are discussing what same or different activities families have participate in during the weekend.  Each of the students presented and explained what they did, who was with them, and where they were during the weekend based on the pictures shared.

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