ICT in the PYP: Transforming Learning Across Grade Levels

“ICT in the PYP encompasses the use of a wide range of digital tools, media and learning environments for teaching, learning and assessing. ICT provides opportunities for transformation of teaching and learning and enables students to investigate, create, communicate, collaborate, organize and be responsible for their own learning and actions.” (Excerpt from Believes and Values about ICT in the PYP)

In Elementary School, ICT is being used to support learning throughout the Program of Inquiry in each grade level, either in the classrooms or in the computer lab. Students have been using a variety of digital tools available at school to enhance their learning, such as the iPads, Chromebooks, digital cameras, projectors, etc.

Each grade level in the elementary is now starting their last Unit of Inquiry for the school year. In Kindergarten, students are starting their new Unit of Inquiry about Sharing the Planet. Students will learn about living things and how they grow and stay healthy. In the computer lab, Kindergartners watched Brainpop jr movies to learn about the natural cycle of butterflies and frogs. They also have fun drawing and learning about plants and animals on the computer.

In Grade 1, students are starting their new Unit of Inquiry about Sharing the Planet. Students will learn about different types of habitats and the living things that live on it. In the computer lab, students have fun using online resources to learn about different habitat. They will collect information about animals and plants on each habitat.

From Past to Future: Grade 2 Journeys with Technology

The last Unit of Inquiry for grade 2 is focusing on exploration in their last UOI – Where we are in place and time. In technology class, they will learn the history of computer, the present technology, and they will predict and design a future technology. Students will use online resources, online drawing, word processing, and a variety of technology to work on this unit.

The third graders are well into their last UOI – How We Express Ourselves. They will use Google Art Project to see different art works in the museums around the world. They will also create art work using The Art Zone program in the computer lab.

Body Systems Unveiled: Grade 4 Collaborates to Learn

Fourth Graders will be learning about different body systems. They will work in groups to learn and gather information about body systems and see how each body systems work. They will create a presentation to show their learning.

The fifth graders are working on their Exhibition. In the computer lab, they used VR Glass to do a virtual field trip to different biodiversity. They have been researching, gathering information, sharing information, and collaborating to show what they have learned about biodiversity.

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