Beyond the Pages: Kevin & Rockfist Slim’s Journey on the Theater Stage

The Secondary School Production of Falling took place on 4th and 5th April in the Little Theater. The theater performance enabled students from Grade 4 through to Grade 12 to showcase their talents in scenes of acting, music and dance.

Falling is based on Alan Ayckbourn’s play, The Boy Who Fell into the Book. The story begins with Kevin, the central character, who is in bed reading one of his favourite detective stories, Rockfist Slim and the Case of the Green Shark. As he reads the story aloud, he finds himself ‘falling’ into the detective story and into the world of his hero, the famous Rockfist Slim.

As the story unfolds, the boy and the detective work to solve the mystery of the Green Shark, whilst simultaneously trying to find the way back to Kevin’s bedroom.  Along the journey, the two find themselves ‘falling’ into other books that are on Kevin’s bookshelf. Their trip is made more arduous by the persistent presence of Monique La Sleek, the villainous and dangerous enemy of Rockfist Slim. Throughout the play, the audience meets a multitude of fictional characters from a variety of magical lands, making this a true adventure for all.

A great message comes across in this play – the value of reading, and the power of the imagination to transport the reader to other worlds. As Kevin says “With a book, it becomes real. The book becomes part of you”.

It was an absolute delight working with the creative and risk-taking cast of Falling. The actors, musicians and dancers were extremely dedicated and committed throughout the theatrical journey and were consistently passionate about their work on the stage. The excellent crew assisted behind the scenes with much diligence and were able to effectively support the theatre production. Many thanks to so many members of the SIS community who assisted in making this such a successful school event!

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