Challenges of Home-Based Learning

During the 4th quarter, all PE and swimming classes have had to happen at home as we switch to online learning due to the coronavirus.  Home-based learning is challenging for many reasons.  But one thing that comes from spending many of our hours sitting at a computer is that we aren’t always engaging in as much physical activity.

Research has proven, there are many benefits that come with engaging in physical activity, such as exercising.  Aside from improving our physical health, being active is great for our mental health as well.  Now as we move into this time of enhanced social distancing, it is important to make a dedicated effort to remaining active while at home.  You can even invite your friends to join you online for fun fitness activities.

There are several examples of how you can exercise while at home that require very few materials:

  1. Jumping Jacks
    Jumping Jacks are a great way to get your heart rate up.  Encourage children to do sets of 8 – 10 jumping jacks several times.
  1. Jump Rope
    If you have a long rope, you can play jump rope with your children. You can jump rope independently, tie one end to a closed door and jump rope while someone turns the other end, or have three or more family members join in jumping rope.
  1. Yoga
    There are many simple yoga movements that children can easily follow.  Don’t forget to give encourage and praise your children when their movements are good.
  1. Sit ups
    While watching tv, children can be invited to do sit ups to train their tummy muscles. 
  1. Squats

Squat will strengthen leg and abdominal muscles, and are a good exercise for children and adults. While standing and watching TV, do squats 10 times, give a pause then do 10 more.

  1. Lunge
    After squat, continue lunge with one foot straight forward with a slight squat, then alternating with the other leg. Both hands on the waist.
  1. Dance to the music
    If you want to shake things up a bit, just turn on some music and dance away.

There are countless videos online that you can play if you’re lost for ideas for daily exercise.  Even taking the time for a morning walk is a good way to get moving!  Let’s all get moving!

Explore more exercise ideas on platforms like YouTube and Fitness Blender. Even a morning walk can be a refreshing start to an active day.

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