Engaging Music Lessons Online

This week, SIS has entered the sixth week of online study. The Elementary School students have tried hard to adapt to this new learning method and have gotten used to it. Students have become accustomed to interacting with the teacher, asking about their assignments and then uploading their work to Google Classroom.

In Music lessons, students have been working on their assignments by videotaping what they do at home. This has included a number of activities, such as playing musical instruments and singing. After finishing these activities, the students upload the video on Google Classroom or on Flipgrid.

I am very proud of the students’ work during this challenging time. Even in difficult situations, students can still maintain the musical skills they achieved in their previous studies at school. They are more independent in doing the work given by the teacher, which is a very important lifelong skill. I continue to work on my flexibility as a teacher in helping students do their assignments online.

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