Magical Encounters with Missoula Children’s Theatre

Two years ago, the Surabaya Intercultural School met workshop leaders from the Missoula Children’s Theatre Company for the first time, and a large number of elementary students experienced a week of great theatre in preparation for the wonderful musical Rapunzel. The school community once again welcomed members of the theatre company last week with the devising of the much anticipated production of Pinocchio.

The workshop leaders, Blaire and Samantha, came to SIS with all that is needed to put on a theatre show: scripts, musical scores, costumes, make-up, props, set and a great deal of creativity, imagination and talent! What they needed from the students in the Elementary School was enthusiasm, motivation and excitement…and that’s what they received!

The Elementary School was abuzz with the 50+ students who had signed up for the auditions of Pinocchio. After two hours of voice and movement activities, all the participants were cast in the show and there was much excitement from the students and workshop leaders about the given roles in the play. For the next five days, students were involved in afternoon rehearsals; focusing on voice, movement and body language of character. The actors also concentrated on catchy song tunes and fabulous dance routines. Students memorized lines, became familiar with their exits and entrances and rehearsed theatre blocking during the course of the week.

Rehearsals and Preparations for Pinocchio

Apart from rehearsals with the elementary students, Blaire and Samantha led workshops with students in Grade 6, 7 and 8. These Middle School classes had the wonderful experience of working with these actors, with the focus on improvisation and mime skills. Each group was open minded to the experience and were risk takers in the process. It was wonderful to see how each class was so eagerly involved in the workshops and excited with all that they learnt in the lessons.

The show day for Pinocchio arrived and it was all action in the gym on Friday afternoon! It was time to put the entire production together in preparation for the final evening performance. The simple, yet effective set was put up, the cast rehearsed for the final time with the talented musicians. The students put on costumes, make-up was applied, and it was time for the performance.

The audience was thrilled with the amazing show! The talent of the student performers and that of the workshop leaders were consistently displayed throughout the vibrant production. What a great week for our Elementary and Middle School students, who were fortunate to have worked with the charismatic Blaire and Samantha from the Misssoula Children’s Theatre Company. Congratulations to all those students involved in the production of Pinocchio.  It was a real treat to watch!

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