Connecting Geography and Culture

by Ms. Rajani

Second & Third graders began their second unit of inquiry by reflecting on what they already knew about geography. The unit enabled the students to focus on the five themes of geography under the transdisciplinary theme “Where We Are in Place and Time”. This unit was an exploration into geography not simply as a location, but as a sense of “place” grown from a blend of location and region, human interaction with the environment, and movement.

Students researched the five themes of geography and became knowledgeable about geography around the world. Their attention was directed to different environments which sparked their curiosities and they inquired; how people live in different environments by adapting themselves to different geographical challenges. The confident learners utilized the learning engagements to discuss environments they have seen being changed to accommodate our lives. We wrapped up the unit by developing a clear understanding on the interconnectedness between culture and geography as the students explored the differences between regions, countries, and cultures and made connections with their previous unit on ‘culture’.

We are currently inquiring into “How we express ourselves”. The general focus of the unit is well defined by the central idea “An artist’s inspiration is expressed in their artwork”. This unit will provide the students with opportunities to learn about the elements of art, famous artists and sources of inspiration as well as different ways of expressing their own inspiration creatively. 

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