by Ms. Jodi

We’ll Be Home for the Holidays!

“Happy Holidays” is a wonderful greeting for some, while others may feel sadness, due to traditions that will not be practiced this year. As some look forward to the different holidays that will happen in a few short weeks, others are wondering how they can celebrate being away from family and tradition. Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to that question. With that being said, there are things that can be done for our upcoming holiday season:

For the families that are ready to travel, (but international travel is not possible to their desired destination), try rediscovering Indonesia. There are so many opportunities for wonderful travel opportunities within Indonesia, such as Bali, Yogyakarta, Lombok, Malang and Batu.

For the families that are not ready to travel, bond through a Stay-cation. Experiencing a Stay-cation allows families to do the things they have always wanted to do, but did not  have time to experience. In addition, have themed days. Pick a location you would like to travel to and take the day to learn about that country. Research the country, learn new words from the language that is spoken there, and watch informational documentaries on YouTube or the Discovery Channel. Take virtual tours of destinations that you would like to visit. Many cultural sites offer virtual tours. Go through museums, historical sites, and cultural sites. One of the best parts of vacation is sampling new and/or different foods. Seek out local restaurants that serve food from that region and/or learn how to cook a new cuisine.

Celebrate the Holidays with Stay-cation Ideas and Family Fun - 1

Revisit pictures from past holidays. Sit as a family and look at the pictures from holidays in the past.  Relive the bonding times by allowing each family member to re-tell an experience. If there are family members that were too young to remember, re-telling the family stories is incredibly fun. After you stroll through memory lane, recreate those pictures by dressing the same and getting into the same poses. It is very fun to see the then and now pictures side by side.

Celebrate the Holidays with Stay-cation Ideas and Family Fun - 2

For more at home holiday ideas, go to Pinterest for ideas, videos, recipes, and written directions. TikTok also has many videos to show new and different ways to cook, recipes, and video tours.    

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