Middle School Music (Pak Priyadi)

Since the beginning of this school year, middle school music classes are held online. Grade 6 and 7 students have music class during this semester. All learning materials are delivered synchronously and asynchronously.

 There are many challenges for students and teachers to run this system, however, we are proud of the work of our students and through technology we have been able to celebrate their accomplishments. As we know music class relies on performance and hand-on activities for students; students demonstrate their skill in playing instruments and singing. In order to accommodate this students learn a lot from tutorial videos created by the teacher in asynchronous learning.

In synchronous learning, students come face to face with the teacher via zoom. This is the best way for the teacher and students to check progress as students are able to demonstrate their learning online. The teacher can correct and provide skill tips during synchronous classes. Students can also ask for assistance directly and receive immediate feedback.

This is the 12th week of online courses. While we are making the most of our learning situation, I hope that this pandemic will pass quickly and students can return to our classrooms.

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High School Bahasa (Ms. Pipit)

High school students have transitioned into online learning quite successfully. Despite the shorter lesson time, the objectives can still be achieved.

Grade 9 explores the topic “Social Issues in Indonesia.” The objectives are to examine issues and situations of local importance and to demonstrate global awareness while responding locally in Indonesia language. Students collect information from advanced Bahasa resources (articles, infography, data, etc) and produce and present a simplified report using correct structure, grammar and dictions. They practice their listening comprehension skills, speaking skills, reading skills and writing skills by discussing and researching various issues such as school dropouts, bullying, teenage smoking, etc. 

Grade 10 students are working hard on their topic about Technology. The objective is to understand the necessary grammatical, phonological and syntactic functions in languages and use them with demonstrated increasing skill. We have discussed various terminologies in technology that are adopted into Indonesia language. Students also familiarize themselves with the process of how foreign terminologies find their equivalences in Indonesian language. The students are challenged to promote the usage of these new terminologies in Indonesian to support their acceptance.

Grade 11 and 12 are thriving with their topic of literary works in Indonesia. We are reading and discussing the book “Habis gelap Terbitlah Terang” or “Out of Darkness into Light” by R.A. Kartini, one of the National Heroes of Indonesia. Students are challenged to understand the atmosphere of colonial Indonesia over 100 years and the dilemma faced by Kartini as a princess imprisoned in her own home. Students made illustrations that correspond to particular her feelings and situations. We hope you enjoy the examples of the illustrations above.

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