Signs and Symbols in Kindergarten and Grade 1

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students finished their second unit of inquiry, How we organize ourselves. We inquired into how signs and symbols facilitate communication. During this unit, we learned about the meaning of various symbols in our lives, written language, and specialized systems like braille and sign language. Many students began the unit with an understanding that road signs help cars. Going further, we analyzed information conveyed through everyday signs we see on roads, malls, and other public places. To convey their learning, students utilized many resources including Classdojo, Flipgrid, and Jamboards.

The culminating activity was building a city to create more context for signs and symbols. We named our city “Super Hero City”. Each child chose a building to create for our city such as hotels, banks, malls, apartments, toy shops, Batik shops, and several other ideas. They created their buildings with blocks or Legos they had at home. Then they created important signs for their buildings. They took pictures and video recordings of their reflections. All their buildings were collected in a Prezi presentation to unify their work during distance learning.

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