BALANCE School At Home

While everyone is at home and experiencing school in a new way, it is important to balance online school and home. Since we cannot experience two different settings to distinguish school from home, the distinction needs to be created in other ways.

Begin with creating a dedicated workspace for balancing school and home. Creating a dedicated workspace helps to build routines and the focus needed for school.

Adhere to the scheduled time for online learning. Having your child wake up and participate during the scheduled time allows for real time connections with teachers and classmates.

Learning in this new environment is possible. Arriving on time for classes, asking questions, and completing homework are still the requirements to be successful. Although we are not in the school building, learning is still possible through these new educational avenues.

Activities off the screen are essential! Schedule time for your child to be off a screen with time outside, family meals, exercising, reading a book, creating art, cooking, etc.    

Nighttime routines should be similar from years past. Many students have reported having their sleep routines drastically change. Being consistent in nighttime routines allows your child to be more successful with online school as well as preparing your student to have healthy routines for when they leave for university.

Collaborate with your child’s teachers. Open communication allows for teachers to know how better to support our child and you during online school.

Emotional support is necessary for both parents and students. If you need support and/or ideas on how to better handle the emotional toll due to our current climate, please reach out to your child’s teachers or Ms. Siniscalco.

For more information on topics to support your student, please visit to find more resources for online learning and how to support your student at home. 

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