EC 1: Discovering Me

During home learning, EC 1 students are learning and exploring  the unit “I am Me”

The central idea for this unit is “As I grow and change, I discover new things about who I am and what I can do”. We started our unit by reading a story about a baby book and we continued our learning by showing the students photos of themselves as newborns and at 1 year old.  The students are able to see how they grow and change.

Another exploration that our students have done at home is discussing their favorite toys and favorite activities. They showed their favorite toys live through Zoom.  More over, some of them shared their favorite activity at home with mommy.  Sharing pictures through Class Dojo and letting other friends see their activities makes us still feel connected.

Even more, when we do a zoom class, students can interact and we are also able to sing some favorite songs too. This week we sang a birthday song for Aiden and we made some birthday cakes from our toys and loose parts. We still have one more week to explore the “I am me “ Unit. We will discuss “what we can do”. Students, along with their family, can participate in some activities that we will share on Class Dojo as part of their home learning.

EC 2: Unique Me Journey

Our Uniquely unit plays an important role in giving toddlers a head start investigating how special and unique they are. These lessons start early, and in EC 2, we are  teaching not only about physical characteristics but also asking students to think about their interests and the things they can do. We place mirrors around the classroom so students are able to observe themselves and look at their reflection in the mirrors. 

While we were at school, we used many different materials and tools for recording our observations, including markers, crayons, coloured pencils, playdough, and loose parts. For our loose parts, we included googly eyes of all sizes, coloured matchsticks, sparkly coloured pasta, pony beads, buttons, and aquarium rocks.  In the block area,  we add pictures of students on the blocks. We explored different lessons in the our “ Unique Me” unit, including math and science.

In Math activities, students simply traced around their foot with a pencil or crayon, students measured their foot with counting cubes to see how many cubes long their foot is. And in science, we let children make fingerprints and ink-pad on their hand cut-out. A magnifying glass allowed children to observe their fingerprints.

In response to COVID pandemic, we have invited parents to continue learning at home with their child. We encourage parents and students to explore themselves and draw their self portrait. We encourage students to keep active  by participating in physical activities to show what they can do. The children challenge themselves as they engage in activities parents and teachers set up, such as to slither like a snake, hop like a frog, gallop like a horse, or walk like a bear on all fours. 

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