In the weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic forced Surabaya Intercultural School to change up the teacher/student interface, the students were busy in the library. We looked at maps and the role they play in helping humans find their way, locate places, and categorize the planet’s resources. Students created maps of the library, explored compasses, learned about scale, and how important map-making skills are in helping us navigate the world. Through various print and digital maps, our students learned about their sense of self, sense of place, and sense of their community. The 5th graders also became authors by publishing their own 8 page book. They used story maps and boards to organize their thoughts and ideas. They also wrote and illustrated some unique and wonderful stories. I’d say stop by and see some of their work, but with our current climate that will not be possible. I’ll make sure that each student gets their book back when we open in the fall and you can celebrate their work.

School Counselor

Hello SIS Families! I hope this finds you all healthy and adjusting well to online learning and social distancing.  My boys and I have returned to Northern California and are staying at a friend’s house up in the mountains. We are missing Surabaya’s warm weather as it is only about 10 degrees Celsius here. Our plan is to return at the end of July to be ready for the 2020-2021 school year.  Until then, I will be working online from California. What does that mean? I will be providing support and counseling via Zoom or Google Hangout. I will be reachable through email as well, and will send out an email where students and parents can select times to meet with me online.  I am still here for social/emotional, academic, and college support. I will also be consulting and collaborating with teachers and staff to provide support to all our students and families during this challenging time.  

These changes are hard, especially for our children.  To all our parents, I ask that you go gently on yourselves and your kids.  Be flexible, patient, and forgiving. Things are not going to go perfectly.  These are unprecedented times and we are all figuring this out together. Please know that I am here for you, students and families.  Do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can help at 

NASP COVID-19 Parental Resource_UPDATED
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