Embracing Creativity: Online Art Learning in Action

Students have continued their art study through this time of online learning. Our weekly art schedule allows for one live video lesson for directed instruction and student sharing.  Our second weekly lesson allows students to work on their art assignments independently after having instruction.  This approach allows students the opportunity to not only be active in the creating process, but also to be engaged in the sharing process. Almost everything a student creates has a story to tell, most often a personal one. It is important that we listen to the stories told through art. 

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Fearless Creativity: Celebrating Students as Risk-Takers in Art Learning

I am happy students have shown they are risk-takers as they overcome challenges as they find ways to allow their creativity to shine. They are enthusiastic as they explore who they are as an artist by using different media when collaborating with their homeroom UOI to create beautiful art pieces. As seen in the accompanying pictures, students are working hard to continue their learning and express their creativity in unique ways. 

Here are some our young artists’ works:

K and Gr 1 students drew symbols and signs to extend their learning about signs and symbols for their “How We Organize Ourselves” unit.

Gr 2 and Gr 3: Students showed an understanding of patterns by creating repeating patterns on their batik design. Students planned the motif to use on their assignment when they studied about the culture.

Grade 4 and  Grade 5 learned the concept of creating space in art work through the use of foreground, middleground, and background, while working on a flat piece of paper. These elements are evident in both still life and landscape drawing to create depth. Grade 4 students are drawing about different kinds of landforms to support their How We Organize Ourselves UOI, and grade 5 students are preparing work showing their understanding about biodiversity as they continue their Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our elementary school artists. We are so proud of each of our students and love to see the beautiful work of our young artists.

Explore more about online art learning on platforms like Skillshare, gain inspiration from professional artists on Behance, and find valuable art education resources at The Art of Education University.

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