MS StuCo had a bit of a late start this school year. Nevertheless, we now have a new set of officers and class representatives. Sophie, Jessica, Hyun, and Dana are the representatives for Grade 6. The Grade 7 representatives are Izzy and Robert. Lastly, we have  Shun and Seo Hyun for Grade 8. The core officers are Ji Won (Treasurer), Jeong Won (Secretary), Caeleena (Vice President), and Na Hyun (President). Special thanks to Ms. Pipit and Ms. Lolita for being this year’s advisers for the MS STUCO. We are looking forward to another fruitful year for MS StuCo.

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House Competition Extravaganza: ES StuCo’s Halloween Costume Contest

ES StuCo sponsored a Halloween costume contest to celebrate Halloween this year. This is a House competition where the winner is determined by the number of participants from each house. Kudos to ES STUCO for finding a way to celebrate Halloween even though we couldn’t be physically present in school.

HS StuCo and NHS continue to be active and engaged. The NHS will host a virtual run in place of our annual Aid in Action event. This will take place from November 6 to November 20.

Prior to this event, the NHS held a t-shirt design contest with the winning design to be featured on this year’s Aid in Action t-shirts. The HS StuCo plans to donate masks and visors to the SIS Community. They organized a face mask and visor design contest where they will choose the winning designs that will be featured on face masks and visors.

We have some upcoming activities as we move forward. Debate ASA will start on November 23, 2020. A group of debaters will be guided by Ms. Pipit when they meet weekly to practice their debating skills. There will be a virtual House Game this December. This time it will be a general knowledge quiz bee via Kahoot!. Watch out for more information!

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