Middle School Art: Ibu Dewi

Grade 6 students explore Art Fundamentals

Grade 6 students started their semester in Art class with a unit on “Elements of Art and Principles of Design” as the building blocks in the subject. They were introduced to different kinds of lines and learned about colors in the color wheel. Students were given the opportunity to research famous artists who have worked strongly with colors; such as Piet Mondrian with his primary colors, Paul Klee, Edgar Degas and Vincent van Gogh with complementary colors, and Claude Monet with his analogous colors.

Continuing the Color Journey with ‘Pop Art’

For the next quarter, students will be continuing their color exploration through another art movement, known as ‘Pop Art’. The group will learn what this style of art is and its purpose. One of the objectives of this unit is to help the class understand that Pop Art is more than commercial/ advertisement art. In their main project, students will use this unique medium by working with bright and vivid colors. The class will be able to engage in painting and create extraordinary artwork by using cut outs from magazines, comics from newspapers, and even chocolate / candy wrappers.

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High School IT: Mr. Charles

Reflecting on Online Teaching and Learning

It’s unbelievable to think that we are already at the end of February 2021 and that we have had approximately seven months of online teaching and learning for this school year. However, despite the pandemic and the challenges that we have faced, staff and students haven’t let it affect the outstanding teaching and learning that takes place at SIS. 

The IT/Computer Science Department has continued to teach courses in the High School that prepare students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and global citizens for the 21 Century.  The Grade 9 students were introduced to Python Programming at the latter part of the first semester. During that time they looked at what is Python Programming and how the programming language is used by many major tech companies. They then went on to look at a variety of Introductory topics in Python such as Data Types, Arithmetic & Mathematical Operations in Python, If and Elif statements.  However, since the start of the second semester, Grade 9 has continued looking at Python but has moved onto more advanced topics such as Iteration (both For and While Loops), Validations and Error Handling. With what the students have learned so far they have been able to further develop their problem solving skills by coding solutions to problems using Python Programming.

Advanced Java Programming for Grades 11 & 12

The College Board AP exams normally start in the earlier part of May and as we draw closer to that time the intensity of the AP Computer Science A course has gone up a notch. However despite this the grade 11 & 12 students have grown in stature in regards to their understanding of the course and more importantly Java programming.  Overall they have completed 7 out of the 10 units of the course so far.  The completion of those units have helped to tremendously broaden their understanding of Java programming especially with units such as Iteration, Writing Classes, Array and ArrayLists.  

With each passing lesson their knowledge of the course and Java Programming continues to grow and this will help to prepare them for the exam that lies ahead.

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